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Commissions Are Open
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Pet Portraits by Kit
Hello! I'm Kitttles! 

I'm an artist with a Concept Art Diploma from Vancouver Animation School. I take digital art commissions.

My Tech
Wacom Pro Pen 2
My YouTube Channel
【Royale High】🔴 SNOW SWAN SET GIVEAWAY + Holiday Celebrations! 🦢🌨️ #RoyaleHigh

【Royale High】🔴 SNOW SWAN SET GIVEAWAY + Holiday Celebrations! 🦢🌨️ #RoyaleHigh

To celebrate Christmas, I am giving away the NEW Snow Swan set in Royale High to one lucky viewer during this stream! 💕💖 ✨ HOW TO ENTER GIVEAWAY ✨ Click on this link to go to the Google Form: Each question on this form (besides the Roblox username questions) has a secret answer and you won't be able to tell what it is. Basically, it's a game of chance when selecting an answer. The player who wins the most correct secret votes will win the giveaway! ❗ PLEASE NOTE ❗ - The only way I can gift you the set is if you're at least level 75 since you can't enter the Trading Hub at a lower level than that. -You MUST link an email account in the Form when the question is asked, any old email is fine and I will never send anything to it. It's the only way to track the answers. -Please only turn in one form to be fair, and don't submit any of your friends (but feel free to tell them to sign up themselves!). - If you win the contest BUT are not watching the livestream when I announce the winner/are not online within a few minutes to claim it, I will pick the second best score. Please feel free to add me during the stream so you can join my game! My Roblox username: KitttlesYT LINK: PRIVATE SERVER LINK: MY SOCIALS: Instagram: Twitter: Official Website: YouTube: ☕ Buy me a coffee: ✅ My art commissions are OPEN! I can also draw your pet: Remember to always be respectful with everyone in chat, I am watching you... :] Music used during stream: Coffee Relaxing Jazz - Relaxing Christmas Jazz Music
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